About the Gardens

The Greenbelt Garden Club is the organizing body of gardeners who tend plots in Greenbelt's three community gardens.

The three community gardens areas are located in historic Old Greenbelt, Maryland.  Individual plots vary in size.
  • Henry's Hollow (pictured above) is directly opposite the GHI Administration building, accessed from Hamilton Place.  26 plots.
  • Hamilton Garden is behind the boat and storage area at the end of Hamilton Place.  23 plots.
  • Gardenway plots are accessed from the path that goes from the end of Gardenway to the Spellman Overpass. 20 plots ranging in size from approximately 30 ft x 30 ft to 50 ft x 50 ft.
How it Works

Plots are assigned to one or more gardeners for the fee of $20 per season.  Gardeners with assigned plots are considered Greenbelt Garden Club "members."   Members in good standing have the option to retain the same plot in subsequent years.  Vacated lots are allotted to applicants on a first come/first served basis. 

More about the Garden Club
In addition to allotting plots, the Garden Club maintains an online discussion group of members for sharing information, organizing garden clean-up days and other events, request deliveries of mulch and wood chips from Greenbelt Public Works, host information meetings, staff a table at Greenbelt's Labor Day Festival, and create work groups as needed to address concerns identified by  members.